What Is The Best Cat Food Brand To Feed Your Cat?

lifes abundance cat foodLooking for the best cat food brands? Not really sure where to start? Well here are a few tips that might help. It’s important to feed a high quality cat food especially during the early years.

The food your cat eats during the first year of its life will have a direct impact on it’s overall health for years to come.”

 If the food you feed doesn’t meet certain dietary needs during the first year of life, your cat could be at risk for developing malnutrition and in later years, possible health problems. So making sure your cat gets the essential ingredients in it’s food can not be overstated. 

High Protein Cat Food Is A Must

 The most important ingredient a cat needs is protein. And not just any protein……… The best cat food has high quality meat protein. Protein is the key ingredient, the building block that helps to support the entire immune system.

It’s important for healthy muscles, organs, skin, and lungs. Without a quality protein your cat will find it hard to fight off illnesses and diseases that can be harmful to them.

Cat Food And Amino Acids

Along with a high protein cat food, your cat needs to consume a diet that’s rich in vitamins and amino acids. Vitamins A, D, and E should always be in your cats food. Amino acids also play a vital role in your cats health.

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Not getting the proper amino acids in the proper amount can make your cat ill. You want to look for cat foods that contain what’s called essential amino acids.

One of the most important amino acids is taurine. Cats can synthesize some acids within themselves by using other acids, but they can’t do it without taurine.

So make sure taurine is in the cat food that you choose . Many cat food companies claim to have taurine in their food, but they don’t contain the correct amounts that are needed for good health.

Cat Food Ingredient List….Read It Carefully

It’s so important to read your labels and scrutinize the ingredient list on the cat food bag. Unfortunately many cat food companies put in inferior ingredients that will not be beneficial for your cat. That’s why its up to you to look out for your cats best interest.


When you read the label on your cat’s food, besides a quality protein source, look for ingredients like copper, zinc, iodine and calcium. Another very important ingredient is potassium which is crucial to healthy kidney function in cats.

Bottom line…………It always pays to do your due diligence when it comes to finding the best cat food brand:-)

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